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Fawad has respectfully represented Pakistan, others give us a bad name: Iman Ali

Trust Iman Ali to speak her mind like no one else. According to a local report, the Pakistani actress recently sat down for an interview and spoke at length about her latest film Mah-e-Meer which also stars renowned host and actor Fahad Mustafa. During the interview, Iman spoke her mind about how Pakistani actors and actress, save for Fawad Khan, who had worked in Bollywood had not represented Pakistan well.

“I feel only Fawad Khan has taken working abroad as a responsibility and been a respectable representative of Pakistan. He did a brilliant job but he was also lucky to get good roles. The rest tend to give us a bad name,” she said.

Iman Ali also said that quality was all that she looked for in a film and it didn’t matter whether it was an Indian or Pakistani flick.
“I only think about doing good films whether it’s in Pakistan or India.”

She also revealed how she had rejected so many films just because she thought she could write them better.
“I’ve said no to so many films that I feel I should write myself. I have written some stories but it’s just that I can’t go around selling my scripts to people,” said the model and actress.

Earlier, she had also remarked in an interview that there were some Pakistanis who had made a fool out of themselves by working in India.
“There have been some – as long as they are not bringing shame to the nation, even that we shouldn’t take it personally. It’s their choice. They are not responsible for entire Pakistan, if they want to make a fool of themselves,” she had said.
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It’s quite candid of Iman Ali to speak her mind. Could some other actors or actresses respond to Iman Ali’s accusations or will they likely let this slight slide?



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