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Fawad Khan bats for Afridi, says Pakistan is proud of him

Most recently, Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi had landed in trouble with the masses after his remarks seemed to have offended cricket enthusiasts back home. During a press conference in India, Afridi had remarked that Pakistani players had received more love in India than they had back home. This prompted furious Pakistanis to lash out at the cricketer. However, Kapoor and Sons actor Fawad Khan came to Afridi’s defence and said that no one could doubt Afridi’s patriotism.

“What Afridi said was in some other context but something else was made out of it,” said Fawad in an interview to a leading Indian daily. “I feel he gave the statement to ease the air. It was a momentary thing and someone tried to take advantage of that and blew it out of proportion.”

According to Fawad, this happened always when someone came along and misconstrued a statement from a celebrity to create a stir. However, Fawad said this would not impact Afridi in the slightest sense since the public knew he was a patriot and that the nation was proud he represented Pakistan.

“It doesn’t mean that anyone can question his patriotism. He is a very proud Pakistani. And we are proud to have him as a representative of our country,” said Fawad.

It’s nice to see Fawad Khan stand up for his fellow countryman and defend him from controversy. Regarding the upcoming India-Pakistan clash, this is what Fawad said:-

“I am excited. There is always an excitement when it comes to India-Pakistan matches,” he said.



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