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Fawad Khan feared ‘fatwa’ over Kapoor & Sons role

In an exclusive interview with Indian newspaper FirstPost, he spoke on a range of issues which he previously shied away from including his the notions of masculinity in films, his no-kissing policy, going shirtless, and his hesitation to play a homosexual on screen.

Fawad said that he was worried about his role in Kapoor & Sons because of the tags which were attached to it. He said that many Hollywood films had tackled more controversial subjects but there were appreciated due to the hypocrisy of the audiences over here.


He shared the draft with his wife who said “Why would you let go of a beautiful film because maybe someone might have an issue with it?”

He said that it was just another character that he has played which can help understand these issues much better in our societies. He was not concerned about playing a homosexual man bur rather how it will be shown in cinemas.

Fawad said that he feared that someone might slap him with a fatwa after the role. Even during the shooting he used to joke that there might be a #FatwaForFawad hashtag after its release in Pakistan.


He said that actors used to be hesitant to play role of eunuchs fearing a hijra label over a decade ago but it has become generally accepted today. People might laugh and make fun of them but no one will respond violently. He expressed hope that people have evolved and more acceptable to taboo issues of society.

The heartthrob thinks masculinity is not the focal point in films today as mainstream cinema has evolved tremendously, unlike earlier films where the plot revolved around the hero saving the heroine. Filmmakers have fresh perspective as film were more concerned about content.


When asked if he will go shirtless, Fawad said that he was open to it if a role required him. But he needs time to rehearse it as he was not comfortable like other film stars. He said that he appreciate stars like Leonardo Di Caprio who become sex symbols and attained fame even with a pot belly.

The interviewer later grilled him about his no-kissing policy on screen. Fawad responded that his core audience in Pakistan appreciate him for his old-world approach to romance on screen and he can tell the story without the need for intimacy. This was an obstacle in telling good stories and he does not want to make people uncomfortable in their seats.

He does not think this will affect his career and even though he has no such roles, he would shy away from similar role in the future. This would make him lose good roles but he know where he is from and where his roots lie. He said he can play a lot amazing characters without the need for it .





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