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Fawad Khan: Indian hospitality makes me feel at home

Fawad Khan seems to be on a high these days. The Pakistani actor, who is making it big in the Indian film industry, brushed aside any speculations of Indians discriminating against him and said that he felt quite at home due to their friendly behaviour.

“Not at all, not at all. A lot of us are brought up with these kinds of stigmas where there’s an enemy across the border but you’ll be surprised — Indians are coming over to Pakistan and Pakistanis are going over to India,” said Fawad. “The hospitality is something to write about. It’s amazing. You feel at home” he said.

Fawad Khan also spoke about how his aim was to select intelligent and better scripts so that he could score a home run with every movie.

I’m doing nothing at all. I’m taking every day as it comes, one day at a time. Obviously I try to be as intelligent as possible when it comes to selecting scripts, but it’s a very subjective thing, varies from person to person,” he replied.

“That’s what I try to do for myself you know, whatever I think I can do best, I try to do that” said the actor.

Fawad also said that he was ecstatic to be in the midst of so many talented and acclaimed people in India.

I think I am truly blessed and I always feel that if you are in attendance of an award ceremony or something as prestigious as that, being there among such people is an accomplishment on its own, may it be in Pakistan or in India,” he said.

Fawad Khan starred in his debut film opposite Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat, for which he won the Fimfare award for best Debut (Male). Fawad’s upcoming film will be beside Rishi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra. The movie, which is set to hit theatres in March 2016, is titled Kapoor and Sons.



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