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Fawad Khan rakes in hefty moolah for charity

Pakistanis (especially the ladies) adore Fawad Khan for a lot of reasons, among them being his ability to sweep women off their feet with his dazzling good looks and astound everyone with his charming personality. However, there’s more to Fawad than meets the eye; the Pakistani heartthrob recently helped raise as many as £50,000 pounds for ‘UK Association of Medical Aid to Pakistan’.

The UK Association of Medical Aid to Pakistan is an overseas organization run by Pakistanis, that makes donations for Pakistan. Fawad Khan was in London to attend their gala and helped raise the generous amount, which amounts to PKR 8 million.

According to sources, Fawad Khan made a heart-warming speech at the event. Fawad was the first one to begin the bidding process and encouraged attendees to bid for auction items as well. Regarding his contributions to society and charitable ventures, this is what Fawad Khan said:-

“It’s amazing to be associated with an organization that is so multi-faceted in its outreach. Providing support towards the education of medical students and midwives is a vital and critical step. Additionally, providing a self-sustainable supply of portable water, medical aid, and treatment for the underprivileged; makes the charity among the top contributors to the welfare of the needy in Pakistan. Kudos to the team for working so hard towards it and I pray it only grows from strength to strength.”

The UK Association of Medical Aid was founded after the disastrous earthquake of 2005, which caused colossal damage to life and property in Pakistan. The association’s main aim was to provide relief and rehabilitation in areas most affected by the natural disaster.

The aim of this gala was to generate enough funds for Pakistani students to study in the United Kingdom. Fawad Khan took part in the event and helped aspiring doctors and medical students in the UK to achieve their dream.



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