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Fawad Khan schools Bollywood actors in Urdu

And to think Fawad crossed borders to act and not teach!

The latest Pakistani heartthrob to take Bollywood by storm, Fawad Khan is in India these days and busy shooting for Kapoor and Sons. As we already know, the Bollywood flick stars Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, Rishi Kapoor and our very own Fawad Khan. During Fawad’s initial visits to the set, we got a glimpse of how the Pakistani actor was interacting and mingling with B-town’s finest personalities.

However, Fawad has gotten so chummy with his renowned co-stars that according to an Indian website Filmfare, he is teaching his co-stars Urdu words. So much so, that everyone has now started to use Urdu words such as  ‘masla’ for problem, ‘Dafa ho jao!” for get out and ‘mulk’ for country. Apparently, according to sources close to the actor, him and Indian actor Sidharth Malhotra have also become quite fast friends.

Fawad and Sidharth bonded so well on the sets that Malhotra even said once that he would very soon like to visit Pakistan.

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Seems like the Bollywood superstar is doing a great job mingling with these actors. Let’s hope Fawad is able to pull both jobs really well, the acting and the teaching as well!



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