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Imran wishes Fazl to not advocate corruption

“How can Maulana Fazlur Rehman favor corruption? He is an Islamic scholar,” Imran Khan said, while talking to media at his residence in Bani Gala before leaving for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah (pilgrimage). He also claimed that the government would now start buying people.

He said he wanted to answer Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, adding, “The names of the premier and his children appeared in Panama Papers, and those documents were not released by opposition”.

“The terms of references (ToRs) configured by the opposition are perfect, yet the prime minister instead of responding to the corruption allegations against him is touring the country,” he castigated.

Criticizing Nawaz Sharif for accusing PTI of hindering uplift projects, Khan demanded the prime minister to explain how did he send money abroad, form where did he earn such huge sums and the tax he paid on it.

“The government’s job is not to blackmail, but to arrest culprits,” reminded the PTI chief.

The skipper went on to say that two separate campaigns were being run in the country, one being ‘save the corruption’ and the other ‘eliminate corruption’. He added that the drive to eliminate corruption would eventually succeed, adding, “It would be unfortunate for the country if the movement to save the prime minister prevails”.

He also offered to make himself accountable alongside the prime minister if the government initiates inquiry.

After talking to media, Imran left for pilgrimage. He would return to country after three days.



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