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FBR pleas court to probe Ayyan’s source of income

Surprisingly, the institute which is responsible for collecting tax is unaware about Ayyan’s source of income and how much tax does she pay. FBR has put its burden on the court to probe particulars of Ayyan. The plea comprising 24 pages document was filed by Zahoor Ahmed Mughal of FBR.

The tax collecting institute has also pleaded IHC to outlaw the fine imposed by custom court.

On the other hand, Sindh High Court (SHC) on May 20 served a show cause notice to the federal government for not striking the name of model Ayyan Ali off the Exit Control List (ECL) despite court orders.

The lawyer of supermodel, booked on charges of currency smuggling, Latif Khosa had contended that the federal government has committed contempt of court by not putting his client off the list and requested for taking strict notice of it.

At first, the Interior Ministry had Ayyan’s name stricken off from the ECL. However, the FIA had contacted the ministry and urged it to keep the supermodel on ECL, since she was being investigated for money laundering. The Interior Ministry had then included Ayyan’s name again in the ECL.

The supermodel was arrested from Islamabad airport last year in March, after more than USD 500,000 had been confiscated from her. She was sent to Adiala prison on charges of money laundering and currency smuggling. Four months later, the supermodel was released on bail.

Following the Supreme Court’s orders, Ayyan had attempted to leave for Dubai but was stopped by authorities at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, who said that they could not let her pass through since her name was still placed on the ECL.



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