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Feast your eyes on Britain's smallest horse!

Horses might be known for being sturdy, tough and tall yet this stallion stands at just 18 inches in height!

At the tender age of just 12 days, Microdave stands at 18 inches, precisely two inches smaller than Einstein, which is recognized as the world’s smallest horse. The pocket-sized stallion was born measuring a miniscule 12 inches high, which is just half the size of an average American miniature foal and the same height as a 2 litre bottle of coke.

The owner of the horse, Jen Baldwin-Murphy was gifted the horse by her husband Dave. The cute horse attracts a lot of attention when visitors come by the house and Jen has to check if Microdave is not whisked away!

“He’s been so popular with our visitors- it’s almost been non-stop.

“I have to check people haven’t put him in their pocket.”

“He may be small, but he makes up for it by being bold.

“As he gets older, he gets cheekier.

“It’s impossible to keep him from dashing between fields.

“I need to put some lower fencing in to keep track of him.

“We love him but he drives me and his mum frantic.”



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