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Fed suggests restrictions on business, other activities to curb Covid spike

ISLAMABAD: Federal authorities have sent a text of proposed restrictions to provinces to control the spread of coronavirus, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The federal government is expected to announce further tightening of the restrictions on Friday (tomorrow) to curb the virus spread, sources said.

The federal authorities have recommended tightening of corona restrictions in the country in two phases, according to sources.

The government has proposed shutdown of business activities from 6:00 PM till the Sehri time in the first phase. Petrol pumps, vaccine centres and pharmacies have been recommended to remain open in the first phase.

A complete closure of businesses on Saturday and Sunday has also been recommended in the first phase, while the petrol pumps, pharmacies, vegetable and poultry shops to remain open on Saturday and Sunday.

Moreover, it has also recommended to keep the vaccination centres opened on Saturday and Sunday.

The government has also proposed implementation of the 50 percent attendance in offices strictly. The office working hours also proposed to be restricted from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The government has also recommended complete closure of gyms and exercise centres.

Conditional lockdown has been recommended, in case the phase-I recommendations fail to curb the spike in virus cases, sources further said.

The government has recommended lock-down in the cities having test positivity rate over 20 percent. In phase II lock-down to be enforced for seven to 10 days in high risk cities, sources added.



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