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Fed up of husband’s frequent assaults, Indian model hangs herself to death

On Friday, aspiring Indian model Priyanka Kapoor was found dead in her South Delhi apartment, after she had committed suicide. Priyanka had committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan. Kapoor also left behind a one-page suicide note in which she alleged that her husband subjected her to beatings.


“To marry him was the worst mistake of my life. The experience has been painful and I cannot take the beating anymore,” read the suicide note left behind by the deceased model.

According to the police,  Priyanka’s husband Nitin Chawla used to subject her to frequent beatings and also kept her confined like a prisoner within their Defence Colony home. Even a simple cup of tea with her friends would enrage her husband, who would then beat up his wife. Kapoor was also not allowed to visit her parents house, even though they just lived in nearby Gurgaon.


Kapoor’s death came to the fore when her mother kept calling her on Holi but there was no response from her daughter’s end. Panicked, she went to her Priyanka’s home in a rickshaw and also called the police. Upon breaking into her home, the police and Priyanka’s mother found the model dead.

“The team broke open the door … and saw Priyanka hanging from the ceiling fan,” said the DCP.

According to the police, there were cut marks on Priyanka’s wrist, which indicated that she had tried to end her life by slitting it. Also, she had locked herself into her room for 24 hours and had not consumed any food.

A friend of the deceased model said regarding her:-

“Priyanka was a very friendly person and had a wide social circle. But after she started dating Nitin (her husband), she turned recluse. She stopped logging on to Facebook and even changed her number,” she said.

On the complaint of Dimpy, Priyanka’s sister, police have registered a case of dowry death and domestic violence against Nitin Chawla.



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