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Felicity Jones on playing Jane, wife of Hawking

Jones plays Jane Hawking, the scientist’s sweetheart from university days who agrees to marry him even though he is diagnosed with motor neuron disease and given two years to live. The film, based on Jane’s memoir, opens this weekend in select U.S. theaters.

“She’s a charismatic, brilliant match and that is what makes their relationship so great,” said Redmayne of Jane. “And Felic just brought all the subtlety and dignity and clarity to that.”

Jones’ performance has earned positive reviews and spurred talk of a best-actress Oscar nomination. The 31-year-old English actress spoke to Reuters about meeting Jane Hawking, the attachment to the characters and the emotional milestone.

Q: Your director, James Marsh, says you and your character had to be the equal to Eddie and Stephen. How did you do it?

A: It all started with Jane. I met her early on in the process and I liked her instantly. She had such a warmth, such an interesting character, someone who just had layers and layers of strength and determination. So there was a lot for me as an actor to play.




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