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Female anchor in Kuwait suspended for calling her colleague ‘handsome’

KUWAIT CITY: It’s not always the TV presenters read headlines, they become headlines as well – mostly for the wrong reasons. A female TV anchor faced a similar situation for her unlikely remark.

Basima al-Shammar in Kuwait has been suspended for jokingly calling her colleague ‘handsome’ on air.

She was covering the country’s municipal elections. She tried to alert her colleague Nawaf who was fixing his hair.

“Nawaf, you don’t need to adjust your head garment, you’re handsome as is,” she said in a video that has now gone viral.

The comment from Basima broke the formal style of presenting of the Kuwait Television which is run by the Ministry of Information.

“What happened is not a joke or something else. It is well known that the customs of communications in the Gulf, is that when you see someone adjusting his attire, you tell him: you look good or handsome… that is what I told him you don’t need to adjust your head garment you look handsome, meaning your attire looks good, and you are in good shape, and we’re waiting for you to report the news,” she told Al Arabiya.

But what resulted next was her suspension from the screen.



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