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WATCH: Female passenger sticks chewing gum on woman’s hair mid-flight   

A female passenger took revenge from a woman for blocking her TV screen during a flight after the former stuck chewing gum into the latter’s hair, an act which has gone viral on social media after being caught on camera.       

The TikTok video has been liked 9.6 million times since it was uploaded, although many warn that it is fake.

The video showed the fuming traveller sat behind being spotted mixing gum into the hair after the woman continuously tried to spread her hair on the television screen, blocking the vision completely.

Along with the chewing gum and coffee, a lolly was tangled into the hair and several strands were cut using nail scissors.

At one point during the video, a flight attendant walks past but misses what’s going on.

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The netizens have responded in either way over the incident with some of them supporting the act while the others lamented that it could have been resolved in an amicable way.

One person wrote: “Okay if this is real I agree with these actions.” Someone else said: “I would have cut so much more off once she kept flipping it back.”



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