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Feroza from Jacobabad is contesting elections to eradicate “Karo Kari” and “Jirga” system

Jacobabad: The daughter of a driver and a home oriented woman Feroza Lashari who is contesting elections from PS-2, Thul, a small area of Jacobabad, vows to eradicate the Karo Kari and Jirga system if successful.

While speaking to ARY News, Feroza said, “I am against this system, I am against this Jirga system because nobody has the right that they call a Jirga and take a decision about somebody’s life.”

Tired of unchanging circumstances, Feroza’s father allowed his daughter to contest the elections. He said for years, they are being denied of the most basic of rights, “We have been giving them vote since 70 years. This is Allah Rakha colony, we are tired of running for gas here, they are not giving us gas. Thus, my heart got enlightened and I thought why not we compete these people.”

Contesting against Feroza is well known PPP candidate Sohrab Sarki and PTI’s Tahir Khan Khoso amongst others.



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