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FIA exposes massive corruption in KMC

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken up the task of exposing irregularities in KMC funds, ghost employees and billions of rupees corruption.

Speaking at a news conference, FIA Director Shahid Hayat revealed the inside story of the KMC.

He said in a single case 21 members of a family were on the payroll of the KMC, while only two of them were genuinely working for the corporation.

“Even the 64-year-old mother-in-law of the senior official was getting paid sitting back home,” the director FIA said to the astonishment of news men.

Nine employees of the KMC Education Department have been taken into custody, who narrated some incredible tales of corruption within the metropolitan corporation.

Hayat said the agency has tightened the noose around senior officials of the KMC involved in irregularities.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of KMC Admin Education Salim Khan was also presented before the media, who is under custody on charges of corruption.

Arrested employee revealed that the amount earned through corruption was relayed to senior officials.

Director FIA Shahid Hayat further told that the agency scrutinized 450 bank accounts of the KMC Education Department.



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