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Horrific: Final moments of female wingsuit flyer captured on camera   

In a tragic turn of events, a female wingsuit flyer plunged thousands feet to death as her final moments were captured in the camera of a fellow flyer.

According to details, the incident occurred in China where a female wingsuit flyer plunged 8,202 feet to her death as her cameraman desperately tried to wave at her to tell her she was off course.


Disturbing Video: Viewer Discretion Advised

The victim and a cameraman jumped from a height of 2,500 metres (8,202 feet) above the scenic area in Zhangjiajie in Central China’s Hunan Province at around 11am local time on May 12.

She was reported missing for seven days before her body was found in a dense wood inside Tianmen Mountain National Park in southern China.

It is believed that she fatally crashed into the trees below and her parachute had not been opened.

According to reports, the cameraman tried to indicate she should open her parachute, but she deviated from their agreed flight path and then disappeared from sight.

Local authorities said helicopters, drones and an extensive search party were sent into the vast mountains.

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The location, which rescuers described as “dark” and “inaccessible”, was 900 metres above sea level and roughly 2,000 metres from where her jump began.

Her parachute had not been opened.

Reports said the wingsuit pilot was well-trained and experienced, having done “hundreds” of wingsuit flights before the accident.

Officials said she was not carrying any GPS-enabled equipment at the time of the accident, but they were still reviewing footage from a helmet-mounted camera found on her person in order to determine what exactly happened.



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