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First female judge of Federal Shariah Court appointed

KARACHI: History was made on Monday as a woman took oath as the judge of Federal Shariah Court for the first time in Pakistan’s history, ARY News reports from Karachi.

Ashraf Jehan, 56 year old Additional Judge of the Sindh High Court, took oath as the judge of the Federal Shariah Court and became the first woman to be appointed in its 33 year history.

Shariah Court was formed in 1980 by former President and Army Chief General Zia-ul-Haq to ensure that the laws are according to Islamic teaching. It could also hear cases under the Hudood Ordinance.

Chief Justice of Federal Shariah Court Agha Ahmad said that the ceremony was a historical one. He added that the constitution does not restrict a woman to be appointed as a judge of the Shariah Court and does not discriminate between a male and a female.

He said that the step was taken to send the message to the world that Pakistan is an open minded nation and lots of misconception will be removed.



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