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Five Amazing Facts about Brain

The brain is definitely the most complex organ in our body, and it is very hard to understand. By now, we have most of it figured out when it comes to this organ.

Yet, there is so much information surrounding it that a person always gets to learn new things about it. This is why we decided to stray from the traditional facts surrounding the brain, and introduce you to 5  mind-boggling facts that you may not know.

1 – The Brain is More Active When You are Sleeping

A lot of researches suggest that the reason why we dream is to process all of the things that happened during that day. The brain tends to analyze everything when you are sleeping, making it work even harder than when you are awake. Also, by taking a nap during the day, you tend to process everything that has happened in that day up to that point; making you much more focused and prepared for the rest of the day once you wake up.

2 – Men Have Bigger Brains than Women

In humans, the average male brain is around ten percent bigger than an average female brain. However, women have more nerve cells than men, and due to them having more connectors in their brain and it is proven that their brain works more efficiently. Nevertheless, women are still wired in a way to think more emotionally, while men tend to think logically.

3-  Electricity in the Brain

The brain produces a fair amount of electricity every day, just enough to power a small lightbulb. This electricity is in the form of ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.

4.  Memory

Like we previously mentioned, the brain tends to process everything that happened throughout the day while you are sleeping. This is the exactly why you need to get a lot of sleep during the night, as it will help you focus on new information, as well as store all the previous information. So basically, by getting enough sleep, you will improve your memory a lot!

5- Yawning

A lot of people have no idea that yawning is actually a way that the body cools down an overheated brain. Also, sometimes you yawn in order for the body to get more oxygen to the brain.

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