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Five Celebrities Who Stammer

It may be helpful to some to learn that many famous people once had problems with stuttering and learned to overcome them and go on to be extremely successful in life.

Here are five celebrities who struggled with stuttering.


Bruce Willis

Before his career as one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, Bruce Willis struggled to defeat stuttering. Willis says his decision to become involved in theater was a great help to him in his fight to defeat his stuttering problem.


Emily Blunt

A childhood problem with stuttering lead one of Emily Blunt’s teachers to encourage the young actress-to-be to participate in a school play when she was 12 years old. The teacher hoped that the experience would help her overcome stuttering. The results speak for themselves.


Elvis Presley

Who would have ever imagined that the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley, would have struggled with a stuttering problem when he was a child? Young Elvis began singing as part of his speech therapy, which led him to victory in his struggle against stuttering, and also made him one of the most iconic names in music.


Julia Roberts

It’s not easy for anyone to grow up trying to overcome stuttering, but perhaps the fact that her brother also stuttered helped ease the pain just a little for actress Julia Roberts. Both she and her brother grew up to enjoy careers as successful actors, and she believes there was a hereditary component to the cause of their struggles with speech.


Marilyn Monroe

It may be very hard to imagine one of Hollywood’s most enduring sex symbols as someone who stuttered, but Marilyn Monroe had to learn a number of techniques in order to control her stuttering, and maintain her image as a sultry star.

Although one might presume that her breathy style of speaking had more to do with her sexy image, some believe it was a technique she learned to help control her stutter. Using exaggerated mouth movements when she spoke may have been another tactic that helped her remain fluent.

Source: Daily Entertainment



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