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Five Interesting Facts about Moon

Here on planet earth, the moon is something of a superstar. After all, some planets have more than one moon, like Jupiter, which has at least 16 moons! Imagine looking up into the night sky and seeing four or five moons.

Our moon certainly gets its share of attention considering that songs have been written about it, it’s been used in countless movie and book titles, and some people even believe there are magical powers associated with it.

There may be no real way to prove whether the moon has anything to do with magical powers, but here are 5 facts we can be reasonably certain about.

Moon Walkers

A total of 12 human beings have walked on the moon, the most famous being Neil Armstrong who took that “giant leap for mankind” way back in 1969. Whether or not anyone else will ever step foot on the lunar surface again is uncertain, but there are countries that are reportedly working on space missions to the moon again.


Sometimes people believe that you can simply float around or fly as you please on the moon. The moon doesn’t have quite the gravitational pull that the much-larger earth does, but it still has enough to keep things well-grounded. Due to this size difference, things on the moon will weigh about one-sixth of what they weigh here on planet earth.

Moon is Punctual

Like most things floating up there in space, the moon is pretty punctual. Most people know that the moon takes a month to complete an orbit around the earth, but that’s playing a bit loose with the numbers. It actually takes the moon 27 days to complete one full orbit of the earth.

Unfriendly atmosphere

Other than the fact that there is no oxygen on the moon for us to breathe, the moon is rather inhospitable in other ways as well. The temperature swings are pretty extreme compared to what we are accustomed to. The temperature on the moon can get as hot as 260 degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -280 degrees Fahrenheit.

One size fits all

People often notice that the moon looks much larger when it is first coming up, but the only reason for that is an optical illusion. The moon is always the same size, and it’s just our eyes playing tricks on us that makes it look larger when it is close to the horizon.

Source: Daily Entertainment



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