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Five most dangerous airports in the world

1. Tenzing Hillary Airport (Nepal)

As far as this airport is concerned, the pilots are on their own as they have to rely on their basic eyesight to land the plane. The absence of a control tower means that there exists very much the possibility of navigation complications. A slight mistake by the pilots can result in a disastrous crash.


The Tenzing Hillary Airport is has a 460 metre long runway and a 9,200 ft drop awaits the passengers at the end of the airstrip.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint Martin Island)

Located at the Carribean island of Saint Martin, the airport is located right in front of Maho Beach. The jet blast from the aircrafts is powerful to blow the sight seers right into the water.

The spectacular low-altitude landing is one of the reasons that this airport is one of the dangerous yet exciting for the tourists.


3. Gibraltar Airport (Gibraltar Territory)

Situated at the British territory of Gibraltar, the runaway of the Gibraltar Airport bisects Winston Churchill Avenue, which leads towards the Spanish border.

The traffic on the main road has to be stopped everytime an aircraft takes off or lands on the airport. Even a hint of the slightest miscommunication can result in a perilious road accident, which could cause immense damage.


4. Kai Tak Airport (Hong Kong)

The Kai Tak Airport is located at Hong Kong and is named after two businessmen Ho Kai and Au Tak. The airport is surrounded by skyscrapers and tall buildings.

The dangerous approach towards the runaway and overflying over the city forced the authorities to close the airport but the take off and landing experience at the Kai Tak all made it worth while.


5. Barra Airport (Scotland)

Located at the island of Barra in Scotland, the Barra Airport uses a beach as its runway. The changing weather poses a great deal of challenge for the pilots of the aircraft taking off or landing on it. Often on windy days and nights, the air turbulence can cause difficulties for the pilot.




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