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Five people boiled alive after hot water pipe burst at hostel

At least five people include a child faced horrible death and three suffered serious burns while sleeping after being boiled alive when a hot water pipe burst inside a Russian hostel.

The incident took place in Caramel hostel located in Perm city near the Ural mountains.

The people were reportedly relatives of some patients receiving cancer treatment at a nearby hospital who met the death in the incident.

hot water pipe burst at hostel

Pictures showed steam rushing out of the hostel doors Monday morning as firefighters try to pump boiling water from the cellar, which has been flooded at the hostel.

Four people died on the spot when ambulances rushed to the scene.

hot water pipe burst at hostel

A witness told media that the incident happened about 4 am local time. “Steam was pouring out. The water went up to the front door of the hostel.”

‘It was boiling water. I am scared to imagine what was going on inside,’ Daily Mail UK reported.

The cellar rooms did not have windows, and there was no exit for the trapped residents, said reports.

An acting regional security minister said that the water is being pumped out now. Five bodies have already been found, three more people were injured, all of them are the guests of the hostel.



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