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Five power pylons blown up

PESHAWAR: The miscreants blew up five power pylons of two transmission lines, ARY News reported on Monday.

Unknown miscreants detonated five electric towers of Tarbela to Shaikh Mohammad and Shaikh Mohammad to Daudkhel transmission lines, National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) said. The saboteurs destroyed three 500 KV and two 220 KV towers in sabotage acts. 

Terrorist attacks at electricity installations suspended power supply to several parts of Peshawar and Mardan districts.

Repair work has been in progress to supply electricity to the affected areas from alternate sources, NTDC said.

The teams have reached to the spot to assess losses in terrorist attacks.

The explosions have caused a loss of 150 megawatts to the national electric grid, officials said.

The total shortfall of the electricity in the country has soared to 4000 megawatts.



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