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Five glorious moments of Pakistani sports

  •  ICC World Cup 1992

The most memorable triumph and the biggest victory indeed is when the Pakistani Falcons brought the first cricket World Cup trophy home. Pakistani cricket team under the captain-ship of Imran Khan won its first and only ICC ODI WC after beating England in the finals.


  • Rome Olympics 1960

No moment can be better than this when Pakistan Hockey team got its first ever gold medal in Rome Olympics 1960 after beating the arch rival India. Olympics are the biggenst sports event and Pakistani hockey team has won 3 more gold medals in Olympics so far.

  •  Squash British Open Championship 1951

Not only Pakistani teams excelled in cricket and hockey but Pakistani players did extremely well in Squash too. The unbeatable reign of Pakistani squash players started in 1951 when Hashim Khan won first British Open. He made a Guinness world record by winning highest titles like British open and world titles which was later broken by his country-mate Jahangir Khan.


  • Hockey World Cup 1971

Pakistani Hockey team has made us proud many times. Team became world champions by winning their first hockey World Cup in 1971 after defeating Spain in the finals.  Pakistan hockey team has so far bagged four world cup titles.


  • T20 World Cup 2009

Most cheerful triumph of the recent years is winning the T20 World Cup of the year 2009. Pakistan won the final against Sri Lanka by stunning batting of Shahid Afridi. Pakistan also played the final of first T20 World Cup but tragically lost it to India. Yunus Khan was the skipper of the winning team who got the most noted title after 17 years.

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