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Five signs you are suffering from bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a mental illness that within minutes swings a mood in different directions. Under this condition, you can instantly go from feeling happy to feeling sad.

Although it is difficult to find the difference in whether you’re just having bad days or really undergoing bipolar disorder, these five signs may help you spot bipolar disorder.


Depressive Episodes


You cannot define depressive episode as a feeling of sadness only. It is something beyond it. This condition may turn your life miserable.

You feel no interest in any activity. You feel hopelessness, anxiety, worthlessness, guilt and irritability.


Disruption in Sleep


Bipolar depression may lead to insomnia or disruption in pattern of sleep. This can have you sleeping in the day. Sleeplessness in the day increases mental stress and lowers productivity.


Issues in Social Life


Bipolar mania can have bad effects on the way you interact with people including friends, coworkers and new people you meet. You can possibly end up being suspended from an educational institute or lose your job.


Delaying Tasks


If you are a victim of bipolar disorder, a noticeable change will take place in your productivity. You will unnecessarily delay the tasks you are supposed to do now.


Thoughts of Harming Yourself

Bipolar disorder can result in negative thoughts filling your head. You can even harm yourself in this condition.



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