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Five suspects of Xinjiang bombing identified by China

SHANGHAI: Five suspects, who carried out a suicide bombing in the deadliest attack in the country's restive Xinjiang region in years, have been identified by Chinese authorities.

Thirty nine people were killed from the bombing on Thursday morning at a vegetable market in Urumqi in far western China which hosts a large number of Muslim Uighur minority.

The suspects were identified as Nurahmat Ablipiz, Memet Memtimin, Raghimjan Memet, Memtimin Mahmat and Ablet Abdukadir, Xinhua news agency reported late on Friday. They all appear to be Uighur as per their names.

The five, influenced by religious extremism, took part in illegal religious activities, watched and listened to terrorist violence video and audio materials, the report said citing the police.

The bombing in Xinjiang was the second to take place in three weeks. Seventy nine people were killed in a knife and gun attack at Urumqi train station in April.

The Chinese government has announced a yearlong crackdown to hunt down and punish terrorists in Xinjiang to "focus on terrorists and religious extremist groups, gun and explosive manufacturing dens and terrorist training camps, state media reported on Friday.

Islamists and separatists have been blamed in the country for the violence in the resource-rich region which borders. Attacks over China have claimed at least 180 lives.

The five suspects of Xinjiang bombing had joined hands and made a group at the end of 2013. They constructed the explosives and decided the target for their activity, Xinhua reported.

The attackers drove two vehicles into an open market in Urumqi and started throwing explosives. Majority of the wounded were elderly people, according to the eye witnesses.

Four of the suspects were killed in the attack whereas the other was arrested by the police on Thursday night, according to Xinhua.

Source: Reuters



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