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Five ways to stop dehydration this Ramazan

Such weather lends itself to causing dehydration and this can lead to further health complications. In order to avoid that, here are some ways for you to stay hydrated during the Holy Month.

1 – Consume items which have high water content

First of all, the fruits which contain high amount of water should be consumed such as watermelons. These items not only keep you fresh but may also be used as a delicious Iftar meal.


2 – Start Iftar with dates and water

Don’t start off with fried items while breaking your fast. Consume dates and a glass of water. That will keep you going and will go a long way to keeping you hydrated.


3 – Don’t concentrate on water all the time

Just don’t concentrate on having only water during Iftar all the time. Your tummy might be craving for a delicious and healthy meal as well. Remember that most food items have a significant water content and can be consumed to prevent dehydration.

Balance — between liquid and solids — in a diet is essential.


4 – Drink at least two glasses of water during Sehri

Consuming at least two glasses of water is a must during Sehri. Eating curries and Neharis are one thing but the liquids will take care of your hydration level throughout the day.



5 – Avoid spending time in the sun

Try and minimize the time that you spend in the direct Sun during the day. Those who can’t avoid it, like commuting to work and so on, should try and cover their heads and use handkerchiefs that are suitably kept wet, to keep cool. This may be a difficult task given that temperatures in many parts of Pakistan have now touched 45 degrees Celsius and above.



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