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Flame stunt ends up horribly at Turkish restaurant

ANKARA: A dramatic footage has emerged showing a flame stunt at a restaurant in Turkey injuring at least four people.

A stunt involving fire went horribly wrong at Turkey’s famous restaurant run by celebrity chef ‘Salt Bae’. The eccentric chef, who is known for his stunts with knives and steaks, often surprises customers with food tricks and stunts.

The accident took place at his Nusret Etiler Steakhouse, Istanbul when a bartender poured an unidentified liquid onto a fire, which led to an explosion. The dramatic footage showing the ensuing chaos has gone viral online.

Footage of the incident is all over Instagram and Twitter, which showed restaurant guests seated at the bar just feet away from a ridge. But as the bartender pours something from a white jar, the fire leaps up and sparks chaos.

According to Habari Times, all four injured were tourists visiting the eatery.

“Czech Republic tourist Krisryna Tresnakova was badly burned when her dress caught fire during the show on Thursday evening,” the report said.



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