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Floods in Pakistan can be tackled

As we have seen for the past several years, rainfall and floods have increased, this could possibly be due to climate change. The drainage system in the towns and cities is non existent as is a sewer system. There is a need for reservoirs and the Kalabagh dam. The reservoirs to store much needed water for drinking and irrigation and the dams for power. This is a way to reduce flooding as well as storing a precious commodity.

God forbid if we go to war with India, if we do, it wont be territorial, it will be over water. With an ever increasing population, we need to develop Baluchistan into a crop producer, as Egypt has increased its farmland by a 1 million square acres. These flood waters could be diverted from the rivers to reservoirs. Although we do not have the financial clout, the late Gadaffi built pipelines in libya (underground) to divert water across the country.




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