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Floods take a heavy toll on Punjab villages

The ground contact of Narowal was also disconnected after floods entered the city.

High flood is recorded at Head Khanki, Qadrirabad and Head Marala. Following the heavy downpours, more than 30 villages of Gujrat are feared to be inundated if the protective embankment of Head Marala was breached after the water level reaches 900,000 cusecs.

The high flood in the Chenab River and its tributaries – Jammu Tavi River and Manawar Tavi River – submerged about 85 villages of the border area of Bajwat and disconnected them from Sialkot.

The flood also damaged crops on hundreds of acres in the villages. Similarly, the water level was still high in Nullah Palkhu, inundating some parts of the cantonment area.

On the other side, Pakistan army personnel have been carrying out relief activities. Respective district administrations have cancelled leaves of their employees in view of emergency situation. A flood room has been established in the province to communicate with on-ground officials to help carry out speedy relief activities.

Punjab Disaster Management Authority has sought 100 new makeshift tents three boats to rescue and transport trapped people to safer locations.



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