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Flour in Sindh sells at 50% inflated price than oblivious govt ‘thinks’


KARACHI: Government of Sindh fails to rein in commodity prices as even the most essential edible item ‘flour’ is available well over the set price across the province, ARY News reported on Monday.

According to the official rate list by provincial food department, the ex-mill rate of flour is capped at Rs41.83 a kg, however, in the markets, the ground realities draw quite a contrasting picture as the flour is only available on a whopping 60 per cent inflated rates at Rs62.68 in Karachi today.

In the rural Sindh, too, the ex-mill rates of the item have climbed beyond Rs62 for a kg, which is in a blatant and mocking violation of provincial administration and control over things.

Even at this point, the prospects of the further hike are not far-flung as the consumers fear the situation may get worse instead of getting better with an incessant and incremental price rise.

READ: Flour prices in Karachi hiked up twice in a week

Just over ten days ago, ARY reported on prices of flour in Karachi that had been increased twice in a week.

According to the details, a category no 2.5 of this commodity is being sold at Rs59 in Karachi after a surge of Rs2 per kg in the city.

On the other hand, President Flour Mills Association Chaudhry Aamir Abdullah said that the provincial government had procured 1.2million metric tons of wheat, but not providing the same to the flour mills.

He added that price for the essential commodity could be decreased by Rs5 to 6 per kg with the cooperation of Sindh government.



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