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FO denies Afghan allegations of conducting any offensive in Kunar

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan has turned down the allegations of any action by Pakistan Army personnel in plain clothes within Afghan territories – ARY News reports.

In a statement issued by FO Spokesperson, Tasneem Aslam, it was clearly mentioned that Pakistan Army has not conducted any offensive in Kunar province; however terrorists have time and again attacked Pakistani forces from Afghan territories.

It was further stated that the Armed Forces of Pakistan have demonstrated great sense of responsibility and patience, for their defence and it is hoped that the Afghan Government will also refrain from taking any steps at the Pak-Afghan border, that can harm peace there.

Afghan authorities have been leveling baseless allegations on Pakistan, while on the other hand terrorists and militants have been freely using their territory for attacking Pakistani forces.

Apart from cross-border terrorist attacks, Afghan security forces have also fired mortar shells on Pakistani soil, committing serious border violations.



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