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Focus on your cricket, Tauseef Ahmed’s word of advice for Gul

Ahmed denounced Gul’s allegations that PCB’s selection committee has been ignoring the pacer for no reasons, for which he was also not included in the 2015 World Cup squad.

The actual reasons behind not selecting Gul then were ‘not unfair’ even though he claimed they were, Ahmed clarified.

Umar Gul, in a strongly worded interview with a local newspaper, had complained that he was not given proper chance to prove his cricket skills and that he was even dropped out of the 2015 World Cup group when he was super fit for the grand event.

“Umar shouldn’t be giving statements, rather should focus on his cricket and keep on performing,” Ahmed told ESPNcricinfo.

He added, “Cricket season has just started and he shouldn’t be disheartened as there are many series ahead. It’s not just about Umar, but every player who didn’t make into the test side.”

Ahmed insisted that PCB cannot select everyone and knows who should be given a right chance and who should not.

“Junaid Khan, who was also left out and along with Umar, was also in contention. But we [PCB]) have our reasons, which are not unfair. The selected bunch [of players] was the best we could possibly pick as per conditions and competition,” the former cricketer said.

Ahmed was hopeful that with lots of cricket ahead for Pakistan, everyone would get a fair chance to be a part of the team provided they prove themselves.

“Umar and Junaid might have missed out, but they are our asset and part of our country’s cricket. They should continue their cricket [with passion] and keep on performing in domestic cricket,” Tauseef Ahmed said while encouraging the bowlers to stay positive.



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