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The best in town: foodpanda offers 20% discount & free delivery

This campaign is in line with foodpanda’s understanding of customer demands which comes from an extensive study carried on to adapt to consumer preferences, said a statement issued here.

“We constantly asked ourselves a question: how can we bring about a massive growth in the industry? Our objective solved the puzzle. We want to deliver what our customers expect of us.


Deliberating on industry trends, consumer preferences and inputs from restaurant partners we were able to come to a conclusion: The food ordering industry is hungry for growth. A flat 20% discount on entire menu and no delivery fees of more than 500 restaurants is bound to create that effect. It is what our customers want and we are prepared to deliver exactly that”, says Omair Bakhsh, Marketing Manager Foodpanda Pakistan.

New set of prices offered by foodpanda can significantly set a benchmark for food ordering industry. Ordering from foodpanda has relatively become cheaper than dining out at restaurants and this campaign proves exactly that.

While Ramazan stagnated the growth for food ordering industry, this campaign of flat 20% discount and no delivery fee will revive massive orders during lunch and dinner hours.

food 2

“As far as the business is concerned, we’re expecting an explosive growth this month, for us as well as the industry by delivering what customers want – best value for money campaign” Mr. Bakhsh added.

Flat 20 percent discounts and no delivery charges can be availed by customers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi by simply signing up at www.foodpanda.pk or downloading mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.



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