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Footage captures multi-vehicle accidents in Abu Dhabi

DUBAI: At least 20 people were injured when around 44 vehicles collided on Abu Dhabi road causing gridlock for hours.

Traffic authorities in Abu Dhabi warned motorists to take alternative routes after two multi-vehicle accidents affected scores of cars on the Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

Traffic was backlogged on the road, due to the incident that occurred after the Al Samha Bridge.

No serious casualty was reported from the road crashes.

Abu Dhabi Police has called on motorists to drive carefully in fog and avoid driving at high speeds. Another accident was reported after the first one at Al Hair district, towards the Nahel area.

The Abu Dhabi Police said in a statement that the incident that occurred at about 8am was caused by the low-visibility which resulted from the heavy fog that blanked parts of the emirate.



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