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Footage of car ploughs into shop narrowly missing children surfaces

The CCTV footage captured the moment when two children miraculously escaped from being hit by a car ploughed into a shop in southeastern Turkey.

The incident took place in Gaziantep where a driver lost control and slammed into a shop which barely missed two children whose parents were busy shopping.

At least three people were reportedly injured and taken to the hospital.

The footage showed that three adults were standing outside a store with a young child standing near a second child in a pushchair.

footage car ploughs shop children

Suddenly, a white car slammed into stock and storefront after driving towards the shop on the pavement. The car appears to hit the three adults as well as the stock on the pavement outside the shop.

It narrowly misses the pushchair and young child, who runs into the road away from the incident, the report said. Pedestrians and passengers from passing cars who witnessed the incident run towards the car.

footage car ploughs shop children

One car passenger opens the door of the vehicle before it has stopped moving and climbs out. One man pulls the young child and pushchair away from the crowd.

At the end of the clip, CCTV from inside the shop shows a worker serving customer moments before the car ploughs through the window. The worker then begins moving pieces of broken glass and rubble to free a pedestrian who has been hit by the car, Dailymail UK reported.



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