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Foreign exchange reserves increase to $13.132bn

KARACHI: The total liquid foreign reserves of the country have risen to $13.132 billion on May 16, 2014, ARY News has learnt.

According to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) weekly statement the foreign reserves held by central bank on May 9, amounted to $ 8.320 billion. 

Meanwhile, the net foreign reserves held by banks were $ 4.812 billion, revealed SBP.

During the week, SBP's liquid foreign reserves increased by $ 300 million to $ 8.320 billion compared with $8.020 billion in the previous week.

The increase in the Central Bank reserves is primarily attributed to inflows of $ 507 million from multilateral, bilateral, and other official sources.    

Furthermore, during the week ending May 16, on account of external debt servicing and other official payments, SBP has made payments of $ 207 million from its reserves. This includes $148 million payment to IMF under SBA.





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