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Foreign ministry says it will expel Indian diplomat

ISLAMABAD: Foreign ministry said late on Thursday it has declared an Indian diplomat persona non grata and given him 48 hours to leave the country.

The diplomat was identified as Surjeet Singh, an official at the Indian High Commission, in a statement from the foreign ministry.

India said earlier on Thursday it would expel a Pakistani diplomat based in New Delhi who allegedly ran a spy ring that collected sensitive information about Indian security operations along its border.

The allegations come amid heightened tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors following Indian forces indiscriminate atrocities in held Kashmir.

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The foreign secretary of Pakistan summoned the Indian High Commissioner today and conveyed Pakistan’s decision of declaring Indian High Commission’s official Surjeet Singh as persona non grata.

He expressed deep concern over the activities of the Indian official that were in violation of the Vienna Convention and the established diplomatic norms.

The Indian High Commission has been asked to make urgent necessary arrangements for Surjeet Singh and his family to leave Pakistan by Saturday.



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