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‘I’ve got signal of early elections,’ claims Zardari

TANDO ALLAHYAR: Former president Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday claimed he has been signaled that early elections will be held in the country.

Speaking at a gathering of party workers and later at a press conference here, the PPP leader fired a broadside at Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying had there been fair general elections “the captain would not have been the prime minister.”

He said the one who is brought to power through “artificial” means goes mad after assuming office.

“With the support of the people, we will throw them [PTI government] overboard at the earliest,” he said and claimed he will get early elections conducted in the country after which his party will form the government.

The PPP leader said the current government has not been brought through ballot which is why it doesn’t care about people.

He said he failed to comprehend at first as to what the powers that be were doing, “but now he understands they were weakening us in the country.”

“The issue is all about the 18th Amendment,” he said, asked who suffered losses after the passage of the constitutional amendment.

“I ask friends why they create such puppets,” he said, adding, “You created MQM founder[Altaf Hussain], but now he belongs to someone else….. [You] created Nawaz Sharif and are now fighting with him.”



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