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Former Q-League MPA Afshan Imran joins MQM

Ms Imran made her announcement at a press conference along with senior MQM leader Waseem Akhtar.

Several other PML-Q’s women activists also joined the Mutahidda. Afshan Imran has also served as PML-Q Sindh chapter’s women wing chief in 2007.

Without naming dissidents Mustafa Kamal and Anees Kaimkhani, he said it doesn’t make an impact if two mugs of foul water were taken out of the sea.

“The dirt that had accumulated in the MQM has already been out,” he remarked while referring to the dissidents.

Akhtar said around between 150 and 200 had joined the MQM.

He reiterated that baseless allegations were still being levelled at his party and its chief.



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