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Forming commission only way out for govt: Imran Khan

Addressing a charged up crowd here, Imran Khan first of all directed his party workers to take care of female participants of the rally and especially journalists and media men.

He demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to form the judicial commission to kick off investigations of alleged rigging of Elections 2013.

“The greatest fraud of the history of Pakistan took place in Elections 2013 and the entire nation now wants its audit”, he said.

The PTI chairman said forming a commission is the only way out for the government and if the prime minister opts for any other way, he will not be able to govern the country.

He also demanded the government to throw Rana Sanaullah in jail for the killing of PTI worker, Haq Nawaz.

Bashing Jang/Geo group owner, Khan said, “You have already compromised your dignity. Don’t let your anchors and journalists jeopardized”.

He said that it is Mir Shakil due to whom his employees are facing the public wrath and asked the Jang group owner not to ‘misuse’ his media house for his personal gains.

Moreover, Khan said if he was denied justice, then there is another plan ready for that case.



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