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Four bad habits that end marriages

According to UK law firm JMW Solicitors, one in ten cases are linked to a partner’s habits.

It said from conveniently forgetting to take out the rubbish to disappearing when the washing up needs to be done, a household is a ripe setting from bringing out your partner’s most irritating habits.

In context of UK, the firm said reasons from online shopping habits to unexpected obsessions over the television remote control lead to marital break-ups.

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Such irritants included patronising attitudes, treating a spouse like a child and becoming lax with personal hygiene.

Other cases involved complainants accusing their partner of prioritising a pet’s needs over their own.

The firm identifies four reasons for divorce

1- Watching ‘obscene’ content

2- Gambling 

3- Alcohol use

4- Online shopping

But the firm believes that partners are often put off from citing their spouse’s difficult behaviour – including watching obscene content use or gambling.

A senior associate at JMW Gianna Lisiecki-Cunane said she was “surprised” to find how many divorces were linked to a “bad habit”, and said that the internet may have a part to play.

“Access to the internet is so available that people can bet, watch ‘objectionable’ material or shop in what they believe is relative secrecy compared to only a decade or so ago.

“Even though that unreasonable behaviour might have been the main factor for the break-up, it rarely emerges at the start of a divorce.

The article originally appeared in The Independent



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