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Four killed, 25 injured in road accident near Matli

MATLI: Four passengers were killed and 25 injured in a road accident on Hyderabad road in the vicinity of Matli town on Sunday when a passenger coaster and tractor trolley collided.

The collision occurred due to the undergoing development work at the road which has made the path narrow and rocky, creating a nuisance for commuters.

The people who died were identified as Madhuri, 30; Nadeem Magsi, 10; Khamoon Mallah, 70; and Momal Magsi, 40.

At least 25 people were injured and were taken to Taluka Hospital in Matli for treatment. Those who sustained major injuries were transferred to Hyderabad hospitals for medical attendance.

According to reports at least 8 of the 15 injured were in critical condition.

According to police, both the drivers were able to flee from the scene and their vehicles were confiscated.



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