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Four militants attack Indian mission in Herat

HERAT: Indian consulate in Herat, in Afghanistan's west attacked by four heavily armed men on Friday, Indian officials said in New Delhi.

According to ARY News, the insurgents attacked the Indian mission in Herat, in western Afghanistan's main city near the border with Iran.

At least two policemen were injured in the attack, officials said.

A spokesman for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, said on Twitter that all personnel of the mission were safe.

Herat police chief General Samihullah Qatra told Reuters four attackers, including suicide bombers, had entered houses close to the consulate before dawn and began shooting into the compound.

"Police have already evacuated civilians from houses and now fighting is ongoing," he said.

Mohammad Nasser Pashtun, a commander for Afghan quick reaction forces in Herat, said one attacker was still fighting.

"Two suicide bombers have been killed, one wounded and a fourth is still fighting with security forces," he said.

Taliban and other militant groups often carry out attacks but no claims of responsibility have been made for this attack so far.




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