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Four miscreants killed in shootout with FC

According to details, FC launched search operation against terrorist sanctuaries in Johaan, Ispilanji and Harboyi areas, during which an exchange of fire took place between the security personnel and the miscreants.

As a consequence, four miscreants were killed and several arrested.

During the action, three ferari camps and an explosives-laden vehicle were also destroyed by the personnel.

FC men also seized arms and explosives from arrested miscreants which included 12 SMGs, 250 kg explosive material and 30 hand grenades.

Nearly 400 FC personnel took part in the offensive, who also had a backup military chopper.

The deceased and arrested miscreants were involved in attacks on security forces in Noshki and other terrorist activities.

Three FC personnel were also reported to be injured due to militants’ gunfire.



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