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Four more RAW operatives nabbed as Yadav opens up

Yadav, an on-duty officer of the Indian covert agency currently held under custody in Islamabad, identified four more RAW agents during investigations. Intelligence agencies on Monday rounded up these suspects from Karachi, Balochistan and Punjab.

One of these four operatives hailing from Kalat, Balochistan was identified as Deepak Kumar Prakash, according sources, whose linkage to RAW was established through an ‘undercover officer’ of the Indian high commission.

He visited India in 2014, where he was given 50,000 rupees and extension in visa. One of Deepak’s brothers also lives in India, who was also given 4-5 lacs.

Another member of Kulbhushan Yadav’s spy network named Nadeem alias Uncle was rounded from Karachi, said sources. He was arrested in a joint operation together with intelligence personnel.

Muhammad Shafiq, another foreign agent, was also nabbed from Karachi.



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