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Four things that make Salman Khan next Rajnikanth

Salman is the top candidate to be the next Rajnikanth of Bollywood industry. There are four resemblances that make you think about their connection. However, when Salman was compared with Rajnikanth in an interview he said he it will take another 20 years to be Rajnikanth.

Action Hero

Salman is known for his tough body and golden heart, the last five years of his career has proven him as the best action Hero of the industry. His fans love his stunts and heavy action scenes. Same is the story with Rajnikanth, he has a huge fan following and his stunts have created new records, like what no one can do Rajnikanth does!

Being Human

No no….this point has nothing to do with Salman Khan’s organization Being Human. But it is about the generosity and humble nature these two stars share. Salman Khan is known for encouraging aspiring actors to enter the big scene, actors like Arjun Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Zareen Khan and Pulkit Samrat have always praised about Salman’s generosity. Rajnikanth too has helped many aspiring actors. He is known for helping people around, Rajnikanth also gave a special appearance in SRK’s Ra-one just for Shah Rukh Khan.


There is no doubt that Salman is a true entertainer just like Rajnikanth.  Both the actors have made their unique style statements which make them different from others. They are the trendsetter, People connect to their style and follow them like trends.


Salman Khan is popular for his compassion. The actor has launched a non-profit organization for the education of under privileged children in India. Rajniknath also believes in charity, he has been involved in many social activities and is an active actor from bollywood. Salman Khan was also nominated by PM Modi to participate in Clean India campaign and he further nominated Rajnikanth to continue the chain.



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