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France extends state of emergency for 2 months

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the move has been taken to peacefully host the Euro 2016 football tournament.

Last November, France imposed a state of emergency after terror attacks in Paris which killed 137 people including seven perpetrators belonging to ISIS which had claimed responsibility, saying it was retaliation against airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. The French President Francois Hollande had called the attacks an act of war.

This was to expire on 26th May but has been extended to host the mega event such as the Euro 2016 which draws thousands of football fans from around the world and stadiums are expected to be packed by spectators. French authorities are determined to host the event successfully in a climate of fear and uncertainty as similar attacks cannot be ruled out completely.

The month long tournament will take place from 10th June- 10th July 2016 at ten venues across the country. The opening match takes place between host France and Romania at the Stade de France in Paris which was one of target during the attacks last year.



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