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FREE AT LAST: Kaavan the elephant unchained at Islamabad zoo

The decision was also heard in the Senate where Nuzhat Sadiq made the announcement. Earlier, PTI senator Samina Abid had also raised the issue of solitary confinement of Kaavan.

Mark Crowne, an agent for renowned US singer Cher who had expressed her willingness to adopt the elephant, made the announcement. Crowne said that he had met with Islamabad zoo officials and said that Kaavan had been unchained.

Cowne had launched an online petition which was signed by thousands of animal lovers from around the world who demanded the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to free the elephant.

Kaavan has been kept in chains for more than two decades of his natural life. He has been kept in solitary confinement and deplorable conditions after the death of its long-time companion in 2012. The female elephant named Saheli had been gifted by the government of Bangladesh.


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